How long does it take to complete the course?

How long does it take to complete the course?

We recognize that each of our learners arrives with a unique set of skills, particularly when it comes to math. Our course is thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of math abilities, from those just starting to build their foundation to individuals with more advanced knowledge. The journey through our course is tailored to your starting point and learning objectives, ensuring a supportive and effective learning experience for everyone.

The course includes 12 lessons, complete with quizzes to gauge your understanding as you progress. 
  1. For learners beginning at a more fundamental level, the total time spent on the course could range from 8 to 24 hours. This estimate varies based on several factors, including whether your goal is to meet minimum requirements using online resources or to deeply understand and master the material. The time commitment could be on the lower end for the former and potentially exceed 24 hours for the latter, depending on how you pace your learning.  
  2. For those who are already proficient in the course material and can demonstrate this mastery through our quizzes, it's possible to complete the course in less than 2 hours.
Additionally, we encourage practicing with the provided textbook to enhance your chances of success in the quizzes.

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