How does the course work?

How does the course work?

Before diving into the course, you have the choice to take a mastery of subject assessment. This assessment is designed to evaluate your proficiency in the subject matter. If you achieve a score of 95% or higher, you can bypass the course content entirely and proceed directly to receiving your completion certificate. Your time is valuable, and we want to recognize your existing knowledge and skills.

For each lesson within the course, we provide a mastery of lesson assessment, a learning module, and a quiz. If you decide to take the mastery of lesson assessment and score 95% or higher, you'll skip the learning module and quiz for that lesson, and seamlessly move on to the next one. However, please note that this assessment is entirely optional – you're welcome to begin with the learning module if you prefer. Furthermore, the scores you receive on these assessments do not impact your overall grade.

If you take the mastery of lesson assessment but don't meet the 95% threshold, don't worry. You'll proceed with the learning module and then take the lesson quiz. A passing score of 75% or higher on the quiz unlocks the next lesson for you.

The course comprises of 12 learning lessons, with the final exam occurring in lesson 13. You'll have two attempts to pass the final exam. Should you fail both attempts, our customer service team is here to assist you. Simply submit a ticket, and we'll reset your account for you. We'll also provide guidance on repurchasing the course when you're ready to try again.

Course progression map:

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