About Interim Credentials

About Interim Credentials


World Class Training 

Welcome to the world of electrical excellence! The Interim Credentials is brought to you by the electrical training ALLIANCE (etA), the leading publisher of education materials for the professional electrical industry. For over 80 years, the etA has delivered the only electrical curricula to be endorsed and utilized by the industry’s largest organizations – the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).  


This is Your Pathway to Apprenticeship! 

Designed to train the best electrical workers the industry has to offer; the Interim Credentials provides participants with the first five courses of the electrical apprenticeship: 

  1. Constructing Your Future: Get a sneak peek into the world of construction trades apprenticeship programs.

  2. Electrical Job Information 1: Learn about workplace safety, tools, and the daily life of an electrical worker. 

  3. Applied Codeology 2023: Master the art of efficiently navigating the National Electric Code (NEC). 

  4. Electrical Theory 1: Direct Current: Unleash your understanding of fundamental electrical theory related to direct current circuits. 

  5. Construction Drawings: Decode blueprints like a pro! 

Preview a short video of each course HERE. 


Successfully complete all five courses to earn your certificate to present to any of our 270+ Joint Apprentice Training Centers nationwide! Locate a Training Center near you. 


Want to learn more?  Visit our website:  https://info.interimcredentials.com 



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